Friday, November 30

8th Grader Izzy: A new challenge in the future

Hey again everyone! It's been a while, and I've made a ton of decisions since the last time I blogged.

I handed in my high school application yesterday, and after thinking it over for weeks, I've chosen to put the small school in my neighborhood first. If I get in, it's guaranteed to be extremely difficult, and chances are, most of my time for the next four years is going to be totally devoted to it. I'm honestly a little afraid that if I get in, it's going to be too hard for me, and that I might crack under the pressure. But at the same time, I am totally ready for a new challenge, and I think that I'll be able to handle it.

Until I get my answer (as to whether or not I've made it in), I'm going to sit back and relax, because I've done all that I can at this point. The specialized high schools still haven't sent out the answers yet either, but I'll tackle that mountain when it comes.

As a second choice, I put down my current school. I did that because it's honestly the safest school that I can think of at this point; I know the area, the teachers, the kids, and it's not necessarily known for being a school of crushing homework or a hyper-speed curriculum. So if worse comes to worse, I'll just stay where I am, which isn't really a "worst" at all!


Leslieriffic said...

wow glad to hear the stress is lowered a bit... for now. my neighborhood school is supposed to be pretty good bard "early college" i really wanted to go at first, but i didn't rank it because i would have to pay for my own bus fare, yeah stupid reason i know. my own school promised a spot to it's own students, but they wrote that i had 14 absences on my application (while 10 is the limit for most schools including my own) alright at this point i'm just babbling so i'll just end this comment off saying something you might imagine your schools gc saying, you seem like a great student and i'm sure you'll do well wherever you go. =D

Joe Bruzzese said...

Good luck to you in the decision/application process. Great to see you on the bloglines again.