Thursday, November 29

Quick! Thank your teachers before they're gone

Yesterday the DOE and the UFT announced a feel-good "Thank a Teacher Campaign" -- just in time for the holiday season, and to head off further criticism from teachers who oppose the new Teacher Performance Unit that will go after incompetent teachers. Students and public school graduates can submit short essays about teachers that made a difference. The DOE will randomly select 200 teachers from those honored to attend a party. Plus, Starbucks has donated gift cards for teachers.

A party! Starbucks certificates! I'm not sure that's what the UFT members rallying on Monday night against the Teacher Performance Unit were seeking. Other than the fact that it's clearly designed to undercut the union, the campaign is a nice one. Teachers ought to be thanked. It's too bad it took a lot of hurt feelings for the DOE to make that happen.

Send your contributions to by Dec. 21. Some testimonials are already up, mostly from DOE officials.

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