Saturday, November 10

8th Grader Izzy: The interview and the invisibility cloak

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but work has picked up its pace and barely have time to breathe anymore!

I got a call last week informing me that I passed the first test to get into the small school in my neighborhood, so I was eligible for the final step to determine my admission: an interview. Unluckily, it was at 3 p.m. on a school day, and as I only get out of school at 2:10, I really had to get to the school fast.

So one cab ride and several anxious minutes later, I was sitting in a small lab room with a cheerful interviewer. I sat up straight, grinned, and gave it my all. By the end, I was pretty sure I had him hooked! If I get in to this school, I have decided that if I don't get into the specialized high school of my choice, I'm pretty sure I'll go there.

* * *

I just have a quick explanation for my readers out there. You may have realized that I have avoided naming any of the schools in my posts, and there is a reason behind that: Because this is a public blog, I wouldn't really enjoy having my chances at a certain school lowered based on something that I wrote about it. By not naming the schools, I kind of have an "Invisibility Cloak" that allows me to say whatever I want about any school and not get judged on it.

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