Tuesday, January 8

DOE names new, permanent Khalil Gibran principal

In Brooklyn today the DOE announced the permanent replacement for Debbie Almontaser, the inaugural principal of the Khalil Gibran International Academy who resigned just before the start of the school year. Holly Reichert, who replaces interim acting principal Danielle Salzberg, taught for one year in the city's schools, headed the English department at a school in Bahrain, and has worked in the DOE supporting literacy and ESL instruction. She's also on New Visions' list of employees, so we can assume that she's played some part in Khalil Gibran's development. (Salzberg was a New Visions employee before serving as principal, as well.) Let's hope the critics can't find anything wrong with Reichert.

And did you see the article about Khalil Gibran in last week's New Yorker? After all the brouhaha earlier this year, is it possible that the only truly reprehensible thing about the school is the character of its namesake?

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