Tuesday, January 8

Lawsuits -- or at least headaches -- on the horizon for hopeful G&T parents

Some parents are threatening to sue the DOE over the changes to the G&T admissions policy, according to an article in Crain's New York (subscription required). "We feel that redress in the courts is really the only way to get out the message of what the DOE is doing," a PS 166 parent who sits on the District 3 Community Education Council said in the article. The article doesn't specify on what grounds parents are seeking redress, but it's clear that many are frustrated by the change and frightened about where their kids will end up in the fall -- so much so that they are "shelling out thousands of dollars for consultants to help them navigate the application process."

The Crain's article makes sure to point out that not everyone's buying into the "collective madness" in G&T-heavy districts. Still, come the end of March, when parents find out whether their kids have made the 95th percentile cut, I predict the madness will be contagious.

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