Tuesday, January 8

Bronx charter school says staying home is best test prep

Never mind that today is the start of the elementary grades state ELA exam — what school cancels Monday classes over the weekend? Bronx Preparatory Charter School, apparently. Maybe it was snowing yesterday in Bronx Prep's corner of Morrisania because the school's Board of Trustees canceled classes, giving no explanation to parents and students who were already nervous about the testing, according to an article in the Post today.

As Seth pointed out once, many high school kids skip school the Friday before the SAT to rest and prepare, so perhaps Bronx Prep was just giving its kids the same opportunity that kids at Staten Island Tech have. Still, should charter schools' scheduling autonomy extend to spur-of-the-moment decisions? And I wonder whether the board has gotten a rude awakening about the price of heating oil — the school recently moved into its own (stunning) building.

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