Monday, October 29

DOE recommends "research-based," non-abstinence-only sex ed program for high schools

After the state decided to forgo federal funds that would require schools to teach abstinence-only sex education, the DOE has announced that it is recommending a "research-based" high school sex ed program that Newsday says is "designed to encourage students to delay sexual activity while at the same time providing information about contraception and disease prevention." The program, called Reducing the Risk, does not offer the comprehensive sex ed that advocates have called for, but it at least recognizes that teenagers need to learn about contraception and protection. However, the state still doesn't require sex ed for high schoolers, so it's anyone's guess how many schools will choose to offer the program.

Gotham Gazette's featured education article right now is about the lack of -- and need for -- quality sex ed in the city's schools. One kid quoted in the piece works as a Teen Advocate for Planned Parenthood and describes some pretty incredible misinformation that she's heard from other young people. If you're a teen interested in improving the information kids get about sex issues, Planned Parenthood has three different programs you can join.

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