Monday, October 29

8th Grader Izzy: The pressure is off....for now

Saturday was the Specialized High School Admission Test! I think it went fairly well, considering the rain was pouring and I was really nervous.

The reading section of the test seemed pretty easy to me, at least easier then the sections that I had been studying off of, and that kind of caught me off guard. The math went smoothly too, for the first half; the next quarter of questions were challenging, and the last quarter were near impossible — some just because they were difficult problems, and some that I could have figured out with more time. In the end, I can only hope that the last couple of problems didn't completely trip me up.

I only put down two schools on the specialized high school application, because I really had no interest in the others. Now, all that I can do is wait!

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Erika said...

I hope you did well on the test, Izzy!

I took the test on Saturday, too. I thought the reading was easy. The math was challenging in the last 20 questions for me. I did not answer one because the test proctor said pencils down.