Wednesday, July 18

Concerned about sex ed? Tell the mayor

The Times has an interesting article today about the future of abstinence education, in which kids are taught that only abstinence can protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Although a recent study suggests that teens nationwide are increasingly abstaining from sex and practicing safe sex, there is no evidence to show that the money poured into abstinence education, a favorite of the Bush administration, is to credit. Texas, for example, has received the most abstinence education funds but has seen the smallest drop in teen sex rates. Last month, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted against the White House's proposed increase in abstinence-only funds, signally that the initiative may be in danger.

In 2005, New York received $13 million in federal and state funds to support abstinence-only sex education, second only to Texas, and the state currently designates no money for comprehensive sex ed, which teaches about all forms of contraception and protection from disease. If you are concerned about the quality of sex education in New York's schools, the Sex Ed Alliance of New York City is organizing a campaign this week to ask the DOE to improve sex ed programs here in the city. The alliance is asking concerned citizens to call 311 this week or to send a letter to the mayor, which you can do online through the New York Civil Liberties Union website.

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Melissa said...

After reading it The Sex Ed Chronicles> made me re-think my feelings on schools and sex education, and from the looks of it, so has everyone else. Every parent concerned about their child's sex education should read this book.