Monday, October 15

8th grader Izzy: Let the tests begin!

Last Saturday, I took the test for that small school near my apartment. The test itself was all right, but I felt that the essay question was extremely vague, and I'm not sure if I did my best. The math was fairly simple; however, there were some hard questions that I'd had never seen before. After having this experience, I'm just happy to have gotten through one test. I now have a better feel for exactly what the Specialized High School Admission Test will be like. I know that I am much better prepared for this test, coming up on Oct. 27, than I was for the past one, because of my tutoring, practice tests, and overall better knowledge of the information that's going to be on it.

With roughly two weeks to go, my tutoring is almost up and the stress levels are running high. Students at my school are anxiously awaiting the day of the test, anticipating that feeling of "it's out of my hands now." I guess all I can do now is study!

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