Tuesday, October 16

Khalil Gibran saga not over yet

I thought the controversy and media tug-of-war had died down over at Khalil Gibran International Academy, where this summer founding principal Debbie Almontaser resigned after drawing the wrath of the press for her edgy statements about the Arab world, and I guess some people aren't happy about the peace and quiet. Today, Almontaser will deliver her application for the open principal position and she is bringing along a coalition called Communities in Support of KGIA to support her. They'll be holding a press conference on the steps of City Hall at 5 p.m., where Almontaser will speak out publicly for the first time about what happened this summer. She now says her resignation was forced. KGIA parents will be there, so it seems Almontaser's influence extends into the school even though she is not working there. It could be interesting — if anyone goes, please fill us in on what happens!

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