Monday, June 23

Radioheads: Tune in today

The blog's hitting the big-time! This morning at 11 am,'s Project Manager Pamela Wheaton will be on the air with WNYC's Brian Lehrer, DOE officials, and others to talk about the g+ t admissions process this year.

Parents and commenters, your thoughts and questions made the difference; don't take the pressure off now. Listen and call in if you can: 646 829.3729.

Don't be shy -- speak up!


Anonymous said...

It's really remarkable how much attention the G&T process gets--and we have a child at NEST, so this is not sour grapes--when the vast majority of kids are not in G&T. Kinda a shame.

Anonymous said...

Warning: I don't think this phone number is correct...I just angered someone.

helen said...

telephone number came from wnyc offices; they've just moved studios, sorry for any confusion or hurt feelings. And yes, indeed, to 10:51 -- although anything that shines light on public education issues is to the greater good, and I thought the conversation was broader than 'just' g+t. thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Frankly that was disappointing and while in part I blame the forum, I was unimpressed with Wheaton who not only gave misinformation about G&T programs (only the city wide programs offer accelerated curriculum not the district programs) but offered what I think was a naive vision of a G&T free system populated with gifted teachers teaching a mixed ability classroom and everyone coming out ahead.

Truly G&T students need specialized education opportunities in order to meet their full potential and scores of research supports that conclusion. One would never deny the need for special services if it arose out of a handicap or developmental challenge so why would we deny it to our brightest children. I don't think the system is perfect by any means but side stepping the real issues in the G&T process this year by saying that it would be better if it just didn't exist is just irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed. I find the news cycle regarding gifted and talented programs to be irresponsible. NY Times seems to get some of its info from insideschools and the anti-testing forums with people like Diane Ravich and then Leher, whose show I usually love, has someone from insideschools and CEC leader from district 6 who all seem to be anti gifted and talented programs. Is there any balance about this subject? Any new info. I am sick of hearing the same people over and over.

Also, where are the other gifted and talented experts? What about having more viewpoints?

Anonymous said...

I, too, was disappointed.