Monday, June 23

Top of the morning

It may be the last Monday of the school year, but the work of education goes on: This evening at 6 pm, the Panel for Education Policy will hold public hearings at MLK High School complex; sign up at 5:30 pm for a 2-minute speaking slot.

Of the PEP's 13 members, 8 (including the Chancellor) are appointed by the Mayor, and 5 are named by boro presidents and must be public-school parents. As a group, the panel is charged with "approving standards, policies, objectives, and regulations that are directly related to educational achievement and student performance, as well as certain contracts, an estimated annual operating budget, and the DOE capital plan," according to the DOE. Should be quite a lively meeting.

And an interesting juxtaposition in the Times; while the editorial page praises New York's largely successful attempt to recruit and certify teachers who were solid, high-achieving college students, it overlooks a high attrition rate among young idealists who leave the public-school classroom, and poses, in another article, the 'paycheck or pay back' question, as Harvard grads flow to Wall Street and to high-power consultancies like McKinsey and Bain, instead of into public service, in medicine, government and -- yes -- education.


Anonymous said...

In addition to the ELA and Math scores being released today..the second round of Pre-K applications begins as well. There are some very surprising options available to parent on the list (PS 321 in Park Slope half days morning and afternoon and PS 87 on the Upper West Side has FULL DAYS).
I know the process was a nightmare for some, but it is truly amazing at the number of schools with available slots for next years Pre-K

Anonymous said...

For the pre^k application it continues to be a nightmare when there is no spot available for the 2nd round in your zoned school. There isn't a waiting list, as if everything will be frozen until next year. THe DOE needs to release the control and allow communities to help parents and children in need for a spot.