Thursday, May 8

What's making your kid obese today?

It's not the lack of gym classes in schools -- that was earlier this week (and last month). Perhaps it's the changes to school lunches being made because of rising food prices?

"From such healthy staples as fresh spinach to more haute cuisine like cornmeal-encrusted fish and Cuban roast pork, dishes are getting 86'd from school menus as officials scramble to maintain the same quality with cheaper options," the Post reported recently about food in the city's schools.

As we know, of course, canned fruits and vegetables and "imitation" foods like fish sticks and chicken nuggets aren't at all in the same league as fresh spinach and fish in terms of quality. But they do give kids all the calories they would need if ever they were given the opportunity to use them in a game of kickball or tag. (Or if they were allowed to bike to school; parents in England are stopping their kids from riding to school because of safety concerns. Are parents here, with their fear of "free-range kids," making similar rules?)

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