Tuesday, May 6

Report: Just 4 percent of 3rd graders getting enough PE

Yesterday, Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum's office released a report on the state of physical education in the city's schools, concluding what we already know: schools stink at making sure kids get physical activity. But the facts, at least according to the Public Advocate's office, are worse than I imagined. Only 4 percent of 3rd graders get gym daily as required by the state; just 31 percent of middle schools give kids enough P.E. time; and more than half of all middle schools have no sports teams at all. Given the scope of its own failure, it's no wonder the DOE wants to hand off responsibility for fitness to families!


Anonymous said...

This is by far my biggest pet peeve of the school system today. I grew up in Miami in the 70s and had P. E everyday in elementary, junior high and HS through 10th grade. In elementary school it was by far my favorite part of the day and it was the organized P. E. that was my favorite. Dodge Ball, Relay races, Kick Ball, blocking the pins, shooting baskets in around the world and as getting older in elementary school, soccer, softball and and we had a Physical Fitness test every year. It was my favorite thing to look forward to. And for people who do not have parents that sign them up for these extra curricular activities it is P. E. and only PE where they learn and play organized sports. My parents did not sign me up for extra activities in elementary school so I was very thankful we had that. I think it is sooo important to have it for physical fitness, for learning ones bodies, for exercise, EVERYDAY organized, not just running around in the playground.

Anonymous said...

Here's one school that has got it RIGHT! I think it's up to the phys ed teacher in that particular school to make things happen. If this school can do it, then anyone can. Check out this link:


Anonymous said...

So, let's sum up:

1) Testing is on the rise, and schools are pressured to raise test scores as much as possible. The "School Report Cards" are primarily based on testing, and money and jobs are on the line.

2) While pressuring schools to raise test scores, Bloomberg also slashes the education budget, so there's no money for extra tutoring, or afterschool activities.

3) The DOE now complains that schools aren't giving the kids gym every day.

Honestly, I feel sorry for the principals. I absolutely agree that PE is very important (as are arts and music), but what are schools supposed to do??? Their budget for all extras is slashed, while at the same time they're being pushed to focus on raising reading and math scores. Something's gotta give! If the DOE is going to push test scores above all else, they can't be surprised when schools respond by cutting things like PE in order to focus more on test prep.

Anonymous said...

I see your point for sure, but I really think P.E. should not be thought of as an extra at all. I think PE should be as important as math and english and do think it is more important then the arts. I went to music school and am a photographer and still see PE as what should be required for all everyday, it is essential to human health, it is essential to control our bodies, it is essential to be concerned with exercise for the rest of one's life all the time. every single adult should figure out an exercise plan for the body, and consider their health and physical activity throughout all one's life. It is the biggest overlooked thing in my opinion as far as public education is concerned.