Thursday, April 3

Public schools awash in private school-ish activities

To provide public school students with the kinds of activities popular in private and suburban schools, we've got Chess-in-the-Schools, StreetSquash, and youth league soccer in Harlem. Now we learn that cricket recently became the DOE's newest PSAL sport. It's only a matter of time before pole-vaulting becomes a right, not a privilege, for the city's public school students.


Anonymous said...

You could also add that public school are also awash in another private school activity: heavy-duty fundraising, now even more important in light of DOE cuts.

Anonymous said...

Cricket is not just a sport played in private schools. For many cultures that are in this city cricket was a common sport played in their "home" country before arriving to this one. It is good for public schools to incorporate sports that are normally played by their public school students. These cultres included Indians and those of Indian descent (including Caribbeans and Guyanese) and they also include countries that were and are territories of the United Kingdom (including the Caribbean again.) Here in the Bronx, Van Cortlandt park not only have cricket fields but also holds cricket tournaments. As we speak there are Native Americans that are playing lacrosse in their public schools on and off the reservations.