Thursday, April 3

Admissions advice for unlucky 8th graders

Last week, all 85,000 8th graders who applied for public high school found out where they were matched. This process is nerve-wracking for all, but it's worst for the nearly 8,000 children who didn't get a high school placement at all. Over at Insideschools, we've got instructions and school suggestions for families who are still looking for a high school; applications for the supplemental admissions round are due a week from today.

Unfortunately, our best advice is little consolation for kids who have been burned by a process that seems to favor the academic elite and struggling students over many kids whose mid-80s averages and on-grade-level test scores do little to reflect their talents, interests, and personalities.

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Anonymous said...

My son is in the gifted program at Hudde JHS. He is a good student and did not receive a placement. This is very discouraging.