Wednesday, April 9

MORE BREAKING NEWS: State restores money to NYC schools

After months of bad budget news from both the state and the city, here's a big piece of excellent news: the State Assembly just passed a budget that restores all of the cuts the state had made to the city's schools!

The city's schools are now set to receive a $643 million budget increase as part of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity settlement; previously, Governor Spitzer announced he would reduce that increase by $350 million. The restoration of aid, which comes after months of intense lobbying and protest, should let principals who are deciding which services to eliminate breathe a little easier. But Mayor Bloomberg's cuts, which could amount to as much as 8 percent of next year's budget, still stand.


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NYC Educator said...

I don't know if you heard the chancellor on NPR, but he seriously protested the state cuts. Then, about the city cuts, he said, oh well, no one likes cuts, but you have to put up with a few inconveniences.

It would be nice if the schools had a chancellor who'd fight city as well as state cuts. But as long as the chancellor serves at the mayor's pleasure, that's never gonna happen.