Friday, February 8

Specialized high school admissions decisions out now

Let's keep our fingers crossed for Izzy -- today's the day that most kids who applied to a specialized high school find out whether they've been admitted. (It could take a few days for kids to get their decision letters if their middle school chose to mail them home.) According to the DOE's press release, which is not yet online, 5,991 students got an admission offer (up by more than 450 from last year, for some reason) to the specialized high schools and/or LaGuardia. Congratulations to all of them!


Anonymous said...

My daughter was accepted to Laguardia but was not informed of her "regular" public school choice. Shouldn't that information have come with the letter? (The letter was from Laguardia not the DOE maybe that's why)

vin said...

nice to know about your school..