Thursday, October 25

How to rank schools on the specialized high school exam

This weekend is the Specialized High School Admission Test and kids and parents are nervous about how to rank the schools on the application. Some schools are saying you should rank them first if you want to be admitted -- this is not true. Filling out the application is intimidating but not complicated. Here's what to do:

Rank all of the schools you want to go and none of the schools you don't want to go to. Rank them in the order you'd like to attend them. Then take a deep breath and do your best on the test. The computer will match you with the school highest on your list for which your score makes you eligible.
Still confused? Check out Insideschools' advice from last year and a 2004 Ask Judy on the subject -- the answer is still true.

And remember to eat a good breakfast because you can't bring in food or drink to the test. You can, however, take bathroom breaks -- just ask the proctor for permission.

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