Thursday, October 25

8th Grader Izzy: The final tour

Last week, I took my last tour before I make my high school decision. (Applications are due Nov. 30.) It was a small school on the Upper East Side, about 45 minutes from my apartment by car. The building was tiny, neat, and clean, and the walls were plastered with photographs and student artwork. The curriculum seemed fairly rigorous, although nothing about it seemed to stand out to me in particular. The students that roamed the halls were polite and informative; however, I sensed a slight lack of interest. There seemed to be a fair amount of science equipment, and there was a beautiful art room filled with unbelievably unique student work.

After touring this school, I think that I would perhaps consider it as a last resort. The student body seemed to be a little bit different than the kinds of people that I am generally used to, but the school did seem like it had a very nurturing atmosphere.

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