Sunday, September 16

8th grader Izzy: A voice from the top of the middle

Hey everyone! I'm Izzy. I'm an eighth grader, and I go to a small middle school in Manhattan. I have a ton of interests, but music --playing it, listening to it, and occasionally writing it-- is my biggest passion. I also love to write, ballroom dance, and sometimes study life science. I'm also applying to high school.

Now that the specialized high school admissions test steadily looms nearer (it's on Oct. 27), I have decided that I would either like to focus on literature, the arts, or science. I'm going to look into several different high schools until I find the one that best fits my needs. I'm looking for attentive, interested students, a clean facility, and plenty of materials and instruments available for student use. At the end of this experience, which I'll be blogging here, I'm determined to have found the perfect high school for me.

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