Saturday, September 15

Contracts for Excellence update

It's been a while since we took a look at what's going on with the Contracts for Excellence. You know, the city's plan to spend its education dollars that, if approved by the state, would mean more money for its schools? The plan that was presented in urgent public meetings back in July because the process was moving so fast? The plan that had some education advocates up in arms because it inadequately addressed class size and other issues that were the reasons for seeking more money in the first place?

The word from the state is .... nothing. The state hasn't yet announced whether or not the city's proposed Contract for Excellence has passed muster, and so new money hasn't yet started to make its way to the city. NYC Public School Parents blog has a letter from a parent asking the state not to release the money until the DOE revises the plan to include class size reduction. But whether or not you think the Contract for Excellence as the city proposed it ought to be approved, it would be nice to know the status of the process, wouldn't it?

Update: Here's the link to NYC Public School Parents coverage of the letter from Ivan Lafayette that Patrick references in the comment.

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Patrick Sullivan said...

Thanks for the update Philissa. On the NYC Public School Parents blog we've posted a letter from State Assembly leader Ivan Lafayette that is highly critical of the failure of DOE to provide an acceptable submission to the state.