Thursday, August 14

G+T questions and answers

In the end of June, we started gathering questions for the DOE on a wide range of subjects. It took a month to set up the interview, but on July 31st, we spoke with DOE administrators about gifted and talented admissions, among other issues. A short blog post gave highlights (and generated dozens of reader comments); for more, see the article in the current alert.

We still have open questions, of course, and have had assurances they will be answered. In particular, we're waiting to hear about the sibling/non-sibling mix of each citywide g+t Kindergarten class (both in terms of seat count and test scores).

In terms of overall takeaway, the DOE heard the anger and confusion of parents stymied by gifted and talented admissions this year: They felt the heat, and they want very much to avoid similar experiences in coming years. All agree that this year's process had flaws.

We have absolute assurances from Elizabeth Sciabarra and Anna Commitante that communication ahead of, during, and after admissions and placement decision-making will be clearer, more explicit and more frequent this year. But how these good intentions will inform actual practice can only be known as the year unfolds.

We look forward to brokering an ongoing conversation between parents and the DOE, and welcome reader responses, questions, observations and comments.


Anonymous said...

I can only think of one thing that the DOE really has to improve for next year and the future: communicate with everybody. Be available for questions and concerns. Be ready to answer hundreds of calls a day (I am pulling this number out of sleeves) and be able to follow up and through.

Everything else, though, I think was quite a success. What we probably would want to know is how under- and over-enrolled the G&T programs were and how precise the formulae were the DOE used to distribute seats.

Anonymous said...

Our girl was accepted to Nest+M at the K level. We accepted by email to the DOE and also filled out the required registration papers at the school. We were told by the Nest+M admissions that would get additional information in the mail. So far, we have not received anything and are not exactly sure whether to expect something still or to simply show up at Nest+M on September 2. Have any of the Nest+M K parents heard anything after their kids were admitted? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To 12:35 PM,
We got a mail from NEST explaining first week's schedule and supplies. For K, both September 2nd & 3rd are half day, and it'll be 9 AM to 11 AM. On 2nd, after kids go into their class room, there would be an orientation for parents. You should contact NEST for further info! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter got into NEST as well, but they are 'closed for the summer'. I have called, left messages for the parent coordinator, and nothing at all. With three small children to manage, I need to know bus information, supply information and class information now - not on the day of. I find the lack of communication and availability to potential parents really appalling.