Thursday, July 31

Wish list coming true, part I

Remember about a month ago, when we asked you for questions you'd like answered by the DOE?

Well, the wheels grind slowly, even in midsummer, but grind they do: This afternoon, we're speaking with Anna Commitante (head of Gifted +Talented for the Department) and OSEPO head Elizabeth Sciabarra. Watch the blog for a brief follow-up of that conversation, and deeper coverage in the next Insideschools alert.

Many thanks to our avid, intelligent, insightful readers for their participation and support.


Anonymous said...

Great! Maybe we can get some clarity on one of the most frustrating and confusing processes New York City has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

There was a decent article in this week's Village Voice about the gifted and talented programs. It was probably the most balanced article I've read so far.

Anonymous said...

Wish that I'd gotten my question in in time, but perhaps I could still get an answer regarding busing to G&T district schools.

My son got into PS 115 in District 18 in Brooklyn, and while we do live in the district, we'd don't live in the school's zone and the school is saying they won't provide busing for him. They only provide busing to kids who live within the zone. I believe I'd read somewhere on either the DOE website or some other site that busing would be provided within districts for G&T and special ed kids. Has the DOE changed course in mid-stream once again? If they want kids qualified kids in the districts to attend the programs why should parents have to spend additional money to pay for private busing? One of the reasons I chose to send my child to public school is so that I could cut down on costs.

Why no busing for G&T kids within districts?

helen said...

12:10, thanks for this question. Am going back to DOE with busing questions, other follow-ups on Monday -- may take a bit of time, but hope to have answers for you before too long.

Anonymous said...

From 12:10 -- Thank you, Helen. Your diligence in getting us answers throught this whole G&T process has been great. I'm praying for some good news.

helen said...

12:10 (aka 3:52?), appreciate your gracious thanks, but glad to do the job. Questions deserve answers, happy to ask (and ask, and ask again...).