Thursday, July 24

Good news for pre-K sibs

Looks like the DOE has made room for pre-K siblings of elementary school students. Extra paraprofessionals now treading water in the DOE 'excessed' pool will ease the class-size expansion to 20 from the legally mandated cap of 18.

What's great news for families may be a mixed bag for those who submitted second-round pre-K applications. The deadline for that process was last Friday; families can expect to hear placement news by mid-August.


Anonymous said...

The $1.4 million the DOE is spending to fix their mistakes (still no apology) could be spent on 18 more pre-k classrooms ($1.4 mill. divided by $55,000 average teacher salary). 324 more 4 year olds could be attending public pre-k in the city instead of the 80 who cost the city $1.4 million.

If this makes you angry and you want to make sure it does not happen again next year, sign the petition!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely that the DOE screwed up big-time, but I think it is actually good that they have found a solution, even though it will be expensive. Unfortunately I don't think it's as easy as redirecting the money into teacher salaries for 18 more prek classes. that simple. Many schools don't have classroom space to host another class.