Tuesday, July 22

Education Secretary Spellings to pow-wow with...Jon Stewart

With the real news slowing to a winter-molasses trickle, Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings takes time out of her busy schedule to appear today on Jon Stewart's Daily Show. We wonder when New York's own doubles act, Chancellor Joel Klein and Rev. Al Sharpton, will take their Education Equality Hour from web radio to the tv studio.

For staunch statisticians (and civic-minded parents), Eduwonkette digs deep into math "progress" today -- with ELA on deck for tomorrow. Short take: Gaps in race-based scores, which we asked about here and here, could persist for decades, long after Klein, Sharpton, Spellings et al have folded their big tents and decamped from education leadership.


Anonymous said...

It was actually The Colbert Report.

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