Thursday, June 5

Take Action

A few organizations have set up petitions and letter-writing campaigns to attempt to address education issues of concern:

Families of pre-K siblings denied seats at their older-sibling's school, take a few minutes to complete this survey, conducted by Parents for DOE Accountability and Action.

If your child was not placed at your zoned school for pre-K, Marty Markowitz' office wants to hear from you. [NB, the prior link is not working; instead, call 718-802-3762 in the morning for particulars, and we'll try to identify another link.]

To protest budget cuts, Concerned Parents of NYC encourages kids to raise their voices, along with their parents and the wider school community.

Exercise your civic activism: Chime in.


Anonymous said...

The link to Marty Markowitz "hear from you" is not working. Please post where to send our information.


dr. Monty Weinstein said...

Helen: Who do we contact to protest the middle schools disaster. Today I was informed that the letters are still going out despite being informed Monday that all letters went out on Firday. And how are we expected to reply by June 12th if we still don't know what our options are. According to the N.Y. Times, while the dissemination of acceptance letters has been centralized it was still left to the District to determine which students got into which middle schools. So, 1) who do we go to appeal a decision we don;t like in District 21 or 22 and 2) which politician is the point person to contact about middle school. You list Boro President Markowitz as the contact person for pre - K but who is the person for G&T Kindergarten and middle schools. Thanks

helen said...

Districts 21 and 22 do not have formal appeals processes, or they didn't last year. I would call the district offices (contact info on Insideschools) but be patient and count on some phone tag. No politician really "owns" middle school; you can reach out to your City Council member, though. Others have done so in years past with some success, especially for in-district middle schools. No guarantees.