Sunday, June 1

New Week, Same Questions

Pre-K and middle-school parents' conversations and chat rooms continue to buzz with worry, concern, and rising anger, with ample cause. We're hoping for clarification from the DOE on the preK admissions snafu -- having heard that some schools are rescinding acceptances, while others are not -- and anticipate an announcement on Monday afternoon, timing uncertain.

Whether and when families will learn about middle school placement for their rising sixth graders remains mysterious. Various district offices have said that letters were mailed, that they will go out on Monday, or that they will be sent 'later in the week.' If your mail comes early, or if you got news over the weekend, let us know.


Anonymous said...

Why did you remove the G&T comment about letters coming this week?

helen said...

Please know we don't pull comments; we review posts for tone and relevance and publish comments as they arrive. If you feel one has gone awry, please resend. thanks -

TrudiRose said...

What happened to the earlier thread about "Where is your fifth grader going to middle school?" It seems that only the most recent threads are on the homepage, but there's nothing to click to find earlier threads.

Bronx_shrink said...

I'm a parent who believes that my daughter may have been mistakenly rejected for pre-k at her brother's school. I filed an appeal with the enrollment office last Monday(5/26/08). Today, this is the reply I received :

"Thank you for your email.

We will look into this matter.

Kind Regards,
ES Enrollment"

(Mind you, this came after sending multiple requests for some acknowledgement that my email had been received!) Wow! Tax dollars at work!

Celeste said...

If you have a Sibling in the school, your application should have received priority. There's a growing group of us in Brooklyn (primarily Districts 13 and 15, and I've heard 9 as well). We need more voices. I can't believe that other boroughs and districts were not affected. Please post your stories. I believe OSEPO is counting on our silence.

Anonymous said...

It's in District 14 as well. PS 132in Brooklyn has 4 pre k classes and alot of people with siblings as well as zoned children didn't receive seats. but, like otehr schools that have posted here, unzoned children were accepted. I have a feeling that any school that had more children apply than there were seats, were just put in a lottery for each school. I'd love to know how much the DOE paid these data people in Pennsylvania for this screw up and how much it's going to cost them to fix this mess. The money the DOE wastes while cutting the budgets to the schools, really makes me sick!