Monday, June 16

Middle School Families: Special Ed. Question

We've heard troubling news from parents in Brooklyn: It seems that some rising sixth-graders with special needs, both those who participated in Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT) classes and self-contained classes, haven't yet received middle school seats. The news is especially worrisome because many elementary schools hold graduation ceremonies this week; it stands to reason that kids and families should know where they'll be going in September.

If your child is in this situation, please let us know -- and be certain, we're asking the DOE for clarification.


gingerbrownie said...

I sure as heck hope they get their letters couriered! Oh, that's right, if you are not G & T you have to wait until they get to you...

Anonymous said...

I was told by a staff member at OSEPO central office and in Bklyn (handling Dist. 15) that special needs children's letters could be mailed "possibly" late this week or next week. This truly is absurd. These children are treated like second-class citizens. It's bad enough they are waiting but they are waiting so much longer than the General Ed kids. Last day of school is June 26 - how do you think these kids feel not knowing. So very sad....

Patricia Connelly said...

TONIGHT in Brooklyn @ 6:30 pm: Citywide Council for Special Education PUBLIC MEETING on Special Ed Middle School Enrollment.

The DOE just this morning responded to the CCSE's request to send those responsible for the new and deeply flawed MS special education enrollment policy/process to our monthly public meeting. Please come out! And spread the word for others to join us to ask --

Sandy Ferguson, DOE, Executive Director for MS Enrollment

Ellen Newman, DOE, Executive Director for Special Education

for substantive answers to our questions and to listen to our frustrations.

Meeting Info:
Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time: 6:30 pm (The public is invited to sign up to speak starting at 6 pm)

Location: P721K: Roy Campanella Occupational Training Center, 64 Avenue X, Brooklyn, NY 11212

For more information, you may contact:

Citywide Council on Special Education, 718-752-7393,

Patricia Connelly, Member, Citywide Council of Special Education & Parent of CTT/special ed student at PS372K/The Children's School, 718-812-6728 (cell)