Monday, June 2

Loose Threads

Commenters have spoken - separate threads, please, for distinct questions.

So, let's start fresh. This post will establish a g+t middle school thread for parents who have heard, or have yet to hear, about their youngsters' applications.

Kindergarten families, see the next post. (PreK, we're still waiting for word -- no new news, as of 2pm.)


Anonymous said...

Why JUST G+T Middle Schools? (Just asking!)

However, haven't heard from 2 that we applied to (G&T); heard from (1) that we didn't get into.

Haven't gotten any district letters for regular Middle Schools either.

Anonymous said...

NEST acceptance and wait-list letters went out over a week ago and non-acceptance letters have also been received.

District 2 schools have also begun to notify parents.

Anonymous said...

No word from DOE on the District 3 front. Can we just call the middle schools and ask? Do they all already have their lists?

dr. Monty Weinstein said...

We have heard nothing from G&T in Districts 21 and 22 and the principals have no idea what is occurring. Again, what is the appeal process - through OSEPO or the District. All the middle school parents should bring a class action- deprivation of due process rights - this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Nothing from District 3 today