Friday, June 6

Hold the Phone!

We just heard from Marty Markowitz' office, who asked us to have parents write rather than telephone with pre-K information. Contact

If you do write, be sure to include the following:
Your name, address, and telephone number
Your child's name; if there's a sibling, the sibling's name and OSIS (ID) number. Also, their date/s of birth.
The school your older sibling presently attends, and whether it's in your local school zone or out.


Anonymous said...

Does he want information for children city-wide, or just brooklyn?

helen said...

my understanding is citywide - if I hear otherwise, will post.

Anonymous said...

I love that character. I'd vote for him and don't even live in Brooklyn. He's great!

Anonymous said...

Helen, someone on the forum posted that a classmate has received her k g&t letter placement. Any way you can confirm that these letters have gone out, or if siblings only have gone out? Thanks so much for everything.