Friday, June 6

First Week

It's been a full week since Philissa passed along the coordination of the InsideSchools blog -- and like so many other weeks in the world of New York City public education, there's been no shortage of news to report and ponder. But it wouldn't be right to close up shop for the week without a proper thanks to Philissa, whose hard work and astonishing dedication served as the blog's (virtual and actual) foundation. Salut!

As we move forward, we'll continue to hear from familiar voices, like Liz Willen, who'll be writing about high schools, and Jennifer Freeman, who'll be covering Community Education Councils. We'll also welcome a new writer from the nycstudents blog, as our previous contributor, Seth Pearce, heads up to Harvard, and hope to add additional voices to the mix.

It's an honor and a challenge to be part of this thoughtful, provocative community. Thanks to all for their thoughts, inspirations, frustrations and wee-hours obsessions -- for the willingness to take that leap of faith, and connect.


David M. Quintana said...

I'd like to wish Philissa all the best in her future endeavors and thank her for her past was always a pleasure reading this blog and seeing her at various school functions and meetings...Good luck on taking over the blog, you have big shoes to fill..

Anonymous said...

Big, BIG shoes to fill! I think many of us are so focused on our own kid's admissions that it's important to take a minute and recognize that Philissa broke new ground that will help not only our kids, but all the kids who come after. THANKS! And thank you Helen for all you've already done and all I'm sure you will do!