Wednesday, June 11

District 3 Kindergarten Lottery

Click here for District 3 kindergarten lottery results.

Next steps: If a school is listed next to your child's lottery number, that's where your child will go in September. Register before school lets out this year on June 26th. You'll need to bring the admissions letter from the DOE, which should be in mailboxes this week. (The list and the link aren't enough.)

If you see your child's been matched to a lottery school but you don't have a letter by June 16th, contact OSEPO, at 212-342-8424.

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Anonymous said...

I registered my daughter at her lottery school yesterday. We did not need the admissions letter, in fact we haven't yet received it. We did not need the letter with our lottery number, which we did have. The schools received the rosters of lottery-admitted children on Monday and know who should be registered--this school actually called me to set up the appointment. If you have your letter, by all means bring it, but don't freak out if you misplaced it. Just call the school you "won" in the lottery and ask if they have the roster. (I know you should theoretically wait for a letter, but with the DOE's letter-mailing record at the moment...) I needed only the usual ID, Con Ed bill, birth certificate, and immunization record.