Monday, June 23

Call me, K?

A little-noted irony of the DOE's many student incentives, the cell phones meant to reward middle schoolers -- the ad campaign just won a prize in chic Cannes, France -- are still 100% prohibited on school premises, by DOE regulation.

So, figure this: Give the kids a phone, but ban its use. Or, alternatively, teach kids that what you say -- No Phones! -- is far from what you do: Are you a good student? Here's a phone, and you can 'earn' minutes, too.

No wonder kids say middle school is confusing.


Anonymous said...

Yea it's ridiculous. I work in a school that did that this year. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

How is this in any way confusing? The kids earned a cell phone. That's cool. Just because it was given out by the school it implies that you can use the phone on premises? What the h*ll? The kid can use it at home, on the streets, wherever. Just do not use it at school.

Did I misunderstand something?

Anonymous said...

I agree with 11:58. If you are going to wave a carrot it has to be appetizing. A cell phone or perhaps a bicycle is something kids would compete for inspite of the fact they cannot be used in schools. How much competition would there be if the prize were a Mont Blanc pen. More than likely less but the winner could have used it in school.