Wednesday, May 14

Teach for America draws 40 percent more possibly-in-over-their-heads applicants

If you don't believe already that the economy is tanking, here's proof: the number of college students applying to join Teach for America increased by 37 percent this year. Nearly 25,000 graduating seniors applied for 3,700 spots, making TFA more selective than all but the most elite colleges — though not as selective as some of New York City's most highly coveted high schools. Let's hope the kids who didn't make the cut — based on grades, essays, and an interview — applied to graduate school as a backup plan. About 500 of those TFA has accepted will make their way to one of the city's classrooms by this fall, where they will fill high-need positions teaching math, science, and special education, among other subjects.

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Anonymous said...

Its great that Teach for America (TFA) numbers are going up. People are finally realizing what a joke the NYC Teaching Fellows program is. TFA offers way more support to teachers then the fellows do. All the fellows care about is numbers, not making and providing accurate and support to their teachers. Hooray for Teach for America!
- Current (let down) Teaching fellow