Wednesday, May 28

Pre-K FAQ online now; phone number conspicuously missing

Sometime today the DOE put up new information about pre-K on the pre-K enrollment page. It contains a sprinkling of new information but no admission at all of widespread problems with the admissions process. And of course there's no phone number at all for parents who have questions. (If we happen to find out a number that leads to a helpful, or at least friendly, person, we'll post it right away -- but we're having about as much luck as you are getting through to OSEPO right now.)

Here's how to appeal:

Is there an appeals process for pre-K?
There is an appeals process for a child whose address changes or for extenuating circumstances. Families who wish to submit an appeal must do so in writing to no later than June 13, 2008.
If you think your application was hopelessly botched (whether by the data entry dude in Pennsylvania or by OSEPO's computer matching system), does this satisfy you? I didn't think so.

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