Friday, May 2

Insideschools 2.0

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Anonymous said...

This is a 2 part question;

1. I see that District 19 is not listed as a district with a gifted program..., it must have, since my daughter got it as her choice.

2. What if I do not what the choice school given to me? Do I not reply to the letter or do I reply and list the school as 0, as I was only given one school which I do not want.

Thank you

Philissa said...

District 19 is not on our list because we don't know yet the choice available there -- what school was your daughter offered?

And you don't have to complete the G&T application. You're free to throw the whole thing in the trash and attend your zoned school or any other school you are able to attend.

Anonymous said...

District 29 is not listed as a G&T District either. ??????

Anonymous said...

How do i find an Olstat review class?
I want to get a jump on next years test and the rumor is a lot of parents have upped the competition by enrolling their kids this past go around.