Wednesday, April 9

Mobile scanning report from the front lines

Over at the Insideschools high school forum, user LeonDMatthew describes what happened earlier this week when the mobile scanning unit showed up at his school:

I came into school today and was surprises to see the police presence. I knew what was happening we were being scanned. This time I was determined to keep my belongings but was unsuccessful. I was told that if I did not surrender my cellphone and zune (like and i-pod), I would be handcuffed and they will be forcefully taken. So I surrendered them. While my belongings were being bagged and tagged I voiced my opinions to the school aid. I said "I can understand if they were taken because I was caught using them but the scanning and threatening and all the commotion were unnecessary." All he said was this is what the principle says and I'm doing my job. I also petitioned to him all of the "what ifs" I could think of. For example I mentioned an incident that happened last week when there was a gang shoot-out in front of my school, but still no cigar. I was told my belongings would be returned on Thursday. What do you think? Was I and my fellow students wronged today? Please tell me what are your opinions about the whole no cell phone policy I want to know what parents are thinking. Please give me some adult insight.
So, adults, what can we tell LeonDMatthew? Hope you're not caught without a cell phone next time gang violence flares up in your neighborhood? Shut up and obey the security guards -- it's the only way you'll be able to get to class? There has to be a better way to deal with school safety.

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