Wednesday, April 23

G&T letters update: will go home 'later this week'

Today's word from the DOE: "Letters haven't gone out yet. They will go out later this week," according to a DOE spokesperson who just wrote to me. Our collective mailbox check can continue -- please keep sending in your helpful comments!


TJ said...

Later this week = maybe in a week to ten days, at which point we'll update further.

What a fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Then why was I lied to when I called today and was told the letters started going out a few days ago?
It is the complete lack of honesty from this office that is increasingly irksome.
Just tell us the truth.
And, will they extend the due date for the application return since they have delayed this part of the process?
Do they feel any responsibilty to the parents and children?
Does our Mayor Bloomberg have any idea what is going on under him?

Anonymous said...

We are strongly considering moving out of the city if our son ends up in a crappy school. Seems like there is no other choice.

Anonymous said...

This is truly unbelievable... to make parents wait 3 MONTHS after the children took the test to get scores is absolutely ludicrous. With today's technology, there is just NO EXCUSE for torturing us like this!! For example, parents could have been given a login along with their original appointment dates, and then a webpage created for parents to access their childrens' scores with that login, as soon as DOE got them. Let's remember that these tests were electronically scored, and DOE has been sitting on them, probably for months!! RIDICULOUS!!

C'mon DOE, let's "get with the times" -- it's the 21st century by God, why are we still processing this SNAIL MAIL by hand and waiting MONTHS for results?!?!?

Anonymous said...

"They will go out later this week." HEL-LO! It's Thursday -- it's already the end of the week! If staff is there (which I know they are because I called G&T yesterday) what are they waiting for, Christmas? MAIL OUT THE DARN RESULTS ALREADY!!!

Anonymous said...

We will probably leave the city, too, unless a miracle occurs and our son gets into a citywide school. We're in Queens and apparently there are here are no gifted programs starting in Kindergarten?? So much for making these programs widely accessible.

I am stressed out, thinking about the results and perhaps needing to leave this wonderful city that I love.

Kelly Anne said...

Someone posted on the cell phone ban blog that they received their letter. District 21. Not sure if someone is yanking our chain, or not.

Anonymous said...

Parents: Relax !!!

Last year, 2007, the GT for K-2 results came even out later (like last week in May).

Even then, NYC DOE spend up to 3 weeks cleaning up all of the issues: ex: missing OLSAT results, missing GRS evaluation, etc.

Having it done correctly is more important than speed.


Anonymous said...

We got our score today. District 15.

Anonymous said...

District 15 -- what schools did they list? thanks!

Anonymous said...

district 15:
p.s. 1 bergen
p.s. 10 magnet school for math and science
p.s. 32 samuel mills sprole
p.s. 38 carroll
p.s. 230 doris cohen

Anonymous said...

Well my child goes to a school in Flushing Queens and a few of the parents have received letters as of last week when the kids were on vacation, I'm still waiting for my child's I haven't gotten it either but I have three neighbors that already got their childrens.