Monday, February 25

More than 50 new schools opening this fall

Not content operating only 1,466 schools and programs, the DOE is planning to open 52 new schools this fall. Insideschools has already told you about more than half of those -- the high schools, for which applications are due tomorrow, and the transfer schools that will serve students who have not been successful in traditional high schools. The vast majority of the new schools will open (with the same students) in the buildings of other schools that are closing or phasing out due to poor performance, although the DOE will be using a handful of new sites in Queens and Staten Island. With names like "Brighter Choice Community School" and "Performance School," there's sure to be an option for everyone.

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NYC Educator said...

Perhaps my school will go from 250% capacity to 248.

Nah. I must be dreaming again.