Tuesday, February 12

The long ride to Bronx Science

Last year at this time, families were still dealing with the fallout from the DOE's disastrous mid-year bus schedule changes, engineered by the consulting firm Alvarez and Marsal. This year, the busing news is a little bit better – but only a little bit. The Times today follows Bronx Science students on their hour-and-a-half express bus ride from Queens to school. The upside: the bus drops them off right in front of school, and with so many kids on the bus, the tone is conducive to napping or doing homework. The downside: Student Metrocards can't be used on express buses, so the kids are spending $10 a day to get to school via public transportation, and those who want to stay for after school activities have to opt for the subway home, which can take up to two hours and four connections.

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