Friday, February 15

8th Grader Izzy: I'm extremely excited

Thank you guys for all of the positive feedback, it feels great to know that I have some support!

Wednesday night was the Bronx Science open house, and therefore a good chance to get a feel for what the subway ride was going to be like. From the time that we got into the subway to the time that we got out, it only took (give or take) 45 minutes, which was slightly less than we had heard but still quite a shock (my subway ride to school takes 10 minutes on a slow day!). Transportation is still a major question; the school offers a bus service that would take me door to door, but it's rather pricey and takes anywhere from an hour to two hours, from what I've heard. The alternative would be taking the subway, but I'm not sure if I'm comfortable riding the subway all the way to the Bronx by myself everyday.

Transportation aside, the open house itself very much resembled the tour that we took when we were first considering it; this time, however, the opening speech was much more congratulatory, and reminded us of how special we should feel that we had gotten in. I certainly did feel special, sitting in the huge auditorium that will someday be where I think some of my most complex and intellectual thoughts.

The tour took us into some of the classrooms, and introduced us to students in classes, clubs, and anyone else that happened to be in the building at the time. All of the courses sounded difficult and grueling, but I was instantly intrigued by a lot of the rooms that I walked into just based on the displayed work; one room was housing the robotics team, and they had their fully completed robot sitting out for people to look at.

Overall, I'm extremely excited to start going to Bronx. The possibilities are endless, as long as I keep my mind open and my schedule clear for study time!

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Leslieriffic said...

i loved the open house too! i thought the building would be old, but everything was sparkling! that was my first time in the bronx, so i was so surprised, it had all the benefits of the city, but slightly resembled the suburban town my summer house is in. the speech was so amazing, but i swear ms. breslaw made a similar speech when we were in sixth "one of you... will find the cure for cancer" something like that, the whole you are the future thing.
the courses sounded hard, i mean, being able to take an AP class in 9th grade and one lab per week, gosh, but i heard stuy has the same amount of labs.
transportation does sound a little tricky... maybe i could go on the train w/ u first semester? (i knw it sounds weird since we go to the same school now and don't go to school together) my moms rly afraid of me going to the bx by myself too.
wow i'm really excited about bronx! after seeing it, i'm sorta glad i'm going there instead. i type too much... so i guess i'll stop here.