Tuesday, January 15

Proposed charter schools being approved now for fall opening

The Post today has a little more information about charter schools opening this fall. It looks like the Board of Regents is approving a dozen new charter schools: four in Queens, three in Manhattan, three in the Bronx, and one more that is still trying to settle its location. Here are three schools the Post mentions whose approval was news to me:

  • La Cima, a Spanish dual-language school in Queens, opening with kindergarten and 1st grade. According to an October article in the Queens Times Newsweekly, schools in District 24 welcomed the school with "not exactly open arms" because of the district's widespread overcrowding.
  • Voice, in Queens, which will have daily music classes. According to the State Education Department, Voice's proposed principal is currently an AP at PS 131.
  • Ethical Community Charter School, in upper Manhattan or the Bronx, which is being opened by people who are inspired by the philosophy of humanist and reformer Felix Adler.
Check out our earlier post on charter schools opening in 2008 to see the names of more schools that will be opening their doors this fall. We'll let you know about charter school application deadlines and lotteries as soon as we find out about them.

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