Tuesday, December 11

Schoolkids collect almost $1 million in pennies, dump them in Rock Center

This may be the worst time of year for New Yorkers to stop by Rockefeller Center, but the million dollars in pennies that the city's schoolchildren raised this fall looks like it's worth the hassle. Penny Harvest has been going on for 16 years, but this year Common Cents, the organization that runs it, commissioned a "field" to showcase all of the pennies and raise awareness about the program. I think it's working — at least partially — because last night a friend in Chicago called me to ask what was the deal was with the giant pile of pennies next to the Christmas tree.

At each school, students work together to decide where to donate their pennies. As Jennifer Freeman pointed out last week, the experience of giving at school can be a great way to teach kids about thoughtful, deliberate philanthropy — and to make the point in a visually powerful way that every little bit counts when it comes to helping others.

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