Monday, November 26

Poll: Who has the best information about schools?

Buried in a Downtown Express article about the changes to the middle school admission timeline -- Did you hear? The calendar will be standardized across districts and applications will be due in February -- was this gem about Insideschools:

The problems with notification — [parent Linda] Levy found out about the timeline change not from the school system but from the Web site — are quintessential Department of Education issues, she said.
So that makes me curious. I'd like to think Insideschools always has the most timely and accurate information about schools. But schools, other parents, and yes, even the DOE often beat us to the punch. Which source do you think is the best? Answer in our poll (at the top right side of the blog). Explain your answer in the comments.

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David M. Quintana said...

I get the most up-to-date info from the Inside Schools blog and the NYC Public School Parents Blog (

Keep up the good work, Philissa..!