Tuesday, November 20

What's new on Insideschools -- and what do you think?

Check out what's new -- and then tell Insideschools in the comments what we got right, what we missed, and what questions our correspondents should answer next.

"High school applications due Nov. 30; Here's how to rank your choices": Our advice: Be very careful drawing up your list of high school choices. You will be assigned to a high school based on how you rank the schools -- and how the schools rank you.

"Poll results: Parents skeptical of school grades, undecided about G&T": Insideschools readers gave failing marks to the progress reports issued by the DOE this month. Reaction was more mixed to the proposed changes to G&T admissions.

Dispatches from the G&T public meetings in Queens and Brooklyn

Judy on lunchtime, Dr. Patti on mean girls, and our college counselor on AP classes

And, of course, new reviews, including nine high school reviews to help you choose

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