Thursday, November 1

DOE-sanctioned cell phones may be on their way to schools

Is this just a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing? Or is there something else going on in the DOE's chief equality officer's plan to reward high-performing students with free cell phones -- perhaps a conspiracy by the DOE to prop up Motorola?

The DOE's chief equality officer, Roland Fryer, told an audience at Harvard (where he is a professor) last month that he hopes to give high-performing students cell phones -- but they won't be able to use during school hours, when cell phones are banned. Good grades and behavior would mean more cell phone minutes, Fryer said, and the phones won't cost the city any money, reports the Times today. The DOE's press office says the department is considering the idea, but "this is a proposal that neither the mayor nor the chancellor has signed off on," according to the Times article. They had better hurry -- Fryer is hoping to get the first Motorola phones, possibly with Jay-Z-penned ringtones, to kids as early as this month. The Times article doesn't address where kids will be able to stash their phones during school hours.

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Ann M said...

Now its free cell phones! First they ban them...taking away parental rights among other concerns...then another plan to pay the children to take tests. Bribes do not set moral or educational values. Scholarly data offers educational ways to enhace education and motivate our children. The State seriously needs to revisit the value of education. Stop the business plans and teach. Ann M