Wednesday, October 24

Park Slope MS to enjoy Halloween fest sans exotic dancers

The big news today is the uproar in Park Slope over the possibility of strippers at a Halloween festival held at MS 51. The director of Puppetry Art Theatre, a non-profit that provides arts family programming, including in homeless shelters and hospitals, told the Daily News he's happy for any volunteers, even those who work at the nightclub Scores. But when MS 51 Principal Lenore Berner got wind of the invitation — and, presumably, the fears of her parents — she asked that the dancers be uninvited. Now no Scores dancers (who were planning to wear street clothes to hand out candy), bartenders, or officerworkers will attend the festival. But lest you think all Park Slope parents are nuts, as the gossip site Gawker argued in its post on the saga, take note that one parent sensibly told the Daily News, "As long as they keep their clothes on I don't see the problem."

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