Wednesday, October 17

Andres Alonso having trouble replicating the DOE in Baltimore

Uh oh. Recently departed DOE deputy chancellor Andres Alonso is having a tough time in his new home, Baltimore.

Only a couple of months into his term as CEO of the Baltimore City Public Schools, Alonso has angered the teachers union by trying to get principals to require that they spent 45 minutes a week planning collaboratively with their colleagues. Sounds innocuous enough, but Baltimore teachers are working without a contract and aren't happy that Alonso is stripping them of precious planning time without their consent. Last week, teachers marched to call for Alonso's ouster.

Sounding very much like someone else we know, Alonso told teachers in August that one of his top priorities is to "devolve resources, autonomy and decision-making to schools" -- but he is also trying to expand the role of his office. It sounds like he is trying to collapse both phases of the recent reforms in New York into one but foundering without the unwavering support of a mayor who fully controls the schools.

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